08 Aug 17
【插队还要那么嚣张?!】Myvi路霸插队被鸣笛 竟追车主几条街!逞凶全过程被拍下!


这起事件发生在Subang Jaya,Myvi路霸危险转换车道,视频中可看到Myvi车主不断故意地踩煞车器,并多次倒退轿车,试图倒后撞受害者。






5/8/2017 Subang Jaya 😡😡😡 BJB 8685 Myvi (Pls share) 又是路霸事件,请看完! #PDRM Watch till end Raising public awareness and educational purpose, please share and inform your love ones. When you meet a road bully, lock up your car and don't disembark. Remain calm and patient, even when the adrenalin is rushing in you. Let 3rd party good Samaritans settle with the road bully, since road bully have no reason to dispute with them, as he is wrong in the first place. If road bully come down with a weapon, you have already establish self-defense and may force your car out to make an escape even if the bully is in the path and tried to block your car, drive straight to nearest polis station. Never disembark, let the bully hit your car, but not your body. *Important to have an operating dashcam in your car at all times. By the time you take your hand phone out to record, it is already too late. Sun Tzu Art of War #36 : If it becomes obvious that your current course of action will lead to defeat, then retreat and regroup. When your side is losing, there are only three choices remaining: surrender, compromise, or escape. Surrender is complete defeat, compromise is half defeat, but escape is not defeat. As long as you are not defeated, you still have a chance. This is the most famous of the stratagems, immortalized in the form of a Chinese idiom: "Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best" Improved video version, polis report made against this car » Dangerously switching lane ✔ » Cutting queue ✔ » Brake check ✔ » Continuous honking ✔ » Jam brake ✔ » Intentionally reverse vehicle to cause accident ✔ » Blocking traffic ✔

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